All the projects here have been designed and created by me, the programs used are Blender, Nuke, Maya, Photoshop, Mocha, among others. The lighting of 3D scenes is generally done with the cycle rendering engine, which is what I use to take out the render passes. Some of the basic models are made by me, the rest are downloaded.

This is the first animated project I made in Blender. I made some balls that flew over the ocean. I also created the ocean and some rain particles that I finally did not render.

This is based on a YouTube tutorial to which I added a sculpture in the center. The project focuses on the reflections of the ground and lighting.

This is based on the landscapes of the Uncharted video game. The effect of the animated shark creating waves in the water was created by me.

This is an ancient temple created with some assets and inspired by a tutorial. I added larger characters, statues and the portal, in addition to modifying the lighting and adding volumetric elements.

In this project I animated the robot and the ships in the background as well as creating a fire for their reactors as well as adding rain.

This is my latest project and it is inspired by the room from the Fallout 4 video game, I also added elements from the series released on Prime Video.

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